dimba in language. The plant is not self-fertile. Limba . Terminalia superba: Family: Combretaceae: Afara. Preferred Names. Annual Checklist Interface v1.9 rev 2126ab0 developed by Naturalis Biodiversity Center.Please note, this site uses cookies.If you continue to use the site we will assume that you agree with this. Working Properties: Saws easily, works well with hand and machine tools, good veneering properties, good gluing and nailing characteristics, takes a good finish. Species recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1 and EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1. Ofram (Ghana), Frake (Ivory Coast), Afara (Nigeria), Akom (Cameroon), Limba (Zaire, Angola). USDA Forest Service. Лимба Научная классификация Царство: Растения Отдел: Покрытосеменные Класс: Двудольные Порядок: Миртоцветные Семейство …   Википедия, Terminalia superba — Limba Systematik Klasse: Dreifurchenpollen Zweikeimblättrige (Rosopsida) Unterklasse: Rosenähnliche (Rosidae) Ordnung: Myrtenartige (Myrtales) …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Terminalia superba — puošnusis viršūklis statusas T sritis vardynas apibrėžtis Kliedminių šeimos medieninis augalas (Terminalia superba), paplitęs Afrikoje. Terminalia superba — Terminalia superba …   Wikipédia en Français, Terminalia superba — Pour les articles homonymes, voir limba. Handbook No. Distribution: Widely distributed from Sierra Leone to … Heartwood extremely resistant to preservative treatments; sapwood moderately so. Pagka karon wala pay siak nga nalista ubos niini niya. Suitable pH: acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. It has been planted in many tropical countries outside the natural distribution area as a promising timber plantation species, e.g. Bolza, E., and W. G. Keating. Bois For.Trop. Flore du Congo belge et du Ruanda-Urundi General Characteristics: Heartwood yellow brown, sometimes with nearly black markings producing an attractive figure; sapwood not distinct from heartwood. Durability: Heartwood is nondurable, not resistant to termites, liable to severe ambrosia beetle and powder-post beetle attack. 158:33-49. 1948-1963. Movement in service is rated as small. ID 83064 Symbol Key TESU2 Common Name superb terminalia Family Combretaceae Category Dicot Division Magnoliophyta US Nativity Cultivated, or not in the U.S. US/NA Plant Yes State Distribution N/A Growth Habit N/A Terminalia superba. Distribution: Widely distributed from Sierra Leone to Angola and Zaire; occurs in rain and savanna forests. Terminalia superba Engl. Shrinkage green to ovendry: radial 4.5%; tangential 6.2%; volumetric 10.8%. TERMINALIA SUPERBA WHOLE A43P3G89W2 Overview Names 4: Identifiers 6: Audit Info References 6: Substance Class: Structurally Diverse Source Materials Class ... Common Name English view: view: TERMINALIA ALTISSIMA WHOLE: Systematic Name English view: view: TERMINALIA SUPERBA ENGL. Seasons rapidly with little or no checking and warp. of Build. Scientific Name: Terminalia superba. Ang Terminalia superba sakop sa kahenera nga Terminalia sa kabanay nga Combretaceae. Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.45; air-dry density 34 pcf. Waray hini subspecies nga nakalista. Gmel.) A favored plantation species in West Africa. CSIRO. Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data. Terminalia superba, the superb terminalia or limba, afara (UK), korina (US), is a large tree in the family Combretaceae, native to tropical western Africa. Amsler toughness 127 in.-lb at 12% moisture content (2-cm specimen). Porcher, M. H. et al. 9. London. How Terminalia Chebula is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Janka Hardness: 670 lb f (2,990 N) Tree Size: 65-100 ft (20-30 m) tall, 5-7 ft (1.5-2.2 m) trunk diameter. Terminalia superba Combretaceae Engl. atitikmenys : lot. Reaches a height of 150 ft; boles straight and clear to 90 ft; trunk diameters 4 to 8 ft above buttresses. Terminalia catappa is a large tropical tree in the leadwood tree family, Combretaceae, that grows mainly in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australia.Common names in English include country almond, Indian almond, Malabar almond, sea almond, tropical almond, beach almond and false kamani. For. afara; yellow-pine; ofram; shinglewood; white afara; white mukonja pranc. -> Terminalia chebula Retz. Learn more about Terminalia uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Terminalia Robyns, W. et al., eds. Terminalia superba - superb terminalia Tree growing in the African section of Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden on Oahu - is it Terminalia ivorensis? "Korina" a trade name in the United States. Terminalia chebula or Black Myrobalan is a tropical, deciduous tree with a thick, black, and cracked bark and grows up to 30 m in height and 1 m in trunk diameter. & Diels. Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.45; air-dry density 34 pcf. Terminalia alata B. Heyne ex Roth ; Terminalia altissima A.Chev. & Diels ; Terminalia amazonia (J. F. Fl. Plant fatty acid compositions and phylogenetics. Common Name(s): Limba, Black Limba, White Limba, Korina, Afara. Farmer, R. H. 1972. 2.0 2.1; Gikan sa gawas nga tinubdan Shrinkage green to ovendry: radial 4.5%; tangential 6.2%; volumetric 10.8%. H. M. Stationery Office. The database and code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Name Synonyms Terminalia altissima A.Chev. The flowers are pollinated by Bees, Flies. -> Terminalia superba Engl. Large street trees Photograph by: Scamperdale. Distribution: Tropical western Africa. atitikmenys: lot. Kiln schedule T10-D5S is suggested for 4/4 stock and T8-D4S for 8/4. Uses:  Plywood, furniture, interior joinery, sliced for decorative veneers. 2: 30; Aubrév. Other Common Names: Ofram (Ghana), Frake (Ivory Coast), Afara (Nigeria), Akom (Cameroon), Limba (Zaire, Angola). Heartwood is nondurable, not resistant to termites, liable to severe ambrosia beetle and powder-post beetle attack. Drying and Shrinkage: Seasons rapidly with little or no checking and warp. Familia: Combretaceae Subfamilia: Combretoideae Tribus: Combreteae Subtribus: Terminaliinae Genus: Terminalia Species: Terminalia superba The flowers, occurring in terminal spikes or short panicles, emit strong, unpleasant odo… From: Chudnoff, Martin. Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Names of Terminalia Chebula in various languages of the world are also given. Brittleheart present in some logs. Terminalia superba is a deciduous tree species that is usually found in the upper storey in deciduous, semideciduous and moist tropical forests, where it occurs naturally. Div. Ang mga gi basihan niini. afara; yellow pine; ofram; shinglewood; white afara; white mukonja… …   Lithuanian dictionary (lietuvių žodynas), Terminalia superba Engl.
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