As compared to sayings, proverbs have higher generalizing meaning. English equivalent: A guilty mind betrays itself. Translation: love's evil, you'll love even a goat. Meaning: If you make a claim, be ready to prove it; If you made a promise, do not take it back. Translation: The wolf is beaten not for being grey, but for having eaten a sheep. Не рой друго́му я́му, сам в неё попадёшь. English equivalent: A beggar can never be bankrupt. Meaning: The more often you repeat your lesson, the more likely you are to memorize it. Meaning: A person is in many regards like his parents. Если бы молодость знала, если бы старость могла. English equivalent: There is no smoke without fire. Transliteration: Na chuzhoy karavay rot ne razevay. English equivalent: A word dropped from a song makes it all wrong. “But then he touched the flowers. The Russian language is awash with hundreds of proverbs. English equivalent: Out of the frying pan and into the fire. See more ideas about Russian proverbs, Proverbs, Proverbs quotes. Transliteration: Odin syn - ne syn, dva syna - polsyna, tri syna - syn. English equivalent: Man proposes, God disposes. Что бы́ло, то прошло́ (и быльём поросло́). Что пнём об сову́, что сово́й об пень ( — всё одно́ сове́ несла́дко). English equivalent: You've asked for trouble. Translation: The eyes are (might be) afraid, but the hands are doing [the job]]. (Studying is light; there are many people who don't study. Sayings of Russian origin The Russian Federation. Proverbs With the Word ‘Nos[e]’. Чья́ бы коро́ва мыча́ла, а твоя́ бы молча́ла. Translation: That's where the dog is buried. English equivalent: Loose lips sink ships. Note: Looking at a horse's teeth is a way to determine its age, and thus its value (a practice that also gives us the English expression “long in the tooth,” meaning old.). (Time is the best healer, but a terrible cosmetologist.). Translation: Another's cow can moo, yours had best stay silent. Meaning: Maybe this is not the best choice, but it's our only option. Translation: Seven axes lie together, two distaffs apart. dogs. Variations: "Ученье свет, а неученых тьма." Translation: Time [makes the] best healer. Transliteration: Odin s soshkoy — semero s lozhkoy. Scottish proverbs. ); Чем бы дит́я ни те́шилось, лишь бы по обоюдному согласию (It doesn't matter what (whom) the kid plays with as long as it's upon mutual agreement. English equivalent: Out of sight, out of mind. It is not about the quantity of the work, but the quality. English equivalents: Fight fire with fire; Like cures like; One nail drives out another. Russian forests crash down under the axe, billions of trees are dying, the habitations of animals and birds are laid waste, rivers grow shallow and dry up, marvelous landscapes are disappearing forever.... Man is endowed with creativity in order to multiply that which has been given him; he has not created, but destroyed. Meaning: Everyone praises their own work (or possession), no matter how inferior it is. Meaning: Friendship is one thing, business another; Nothing personal; just business. От трудо́в пра́ведных не наживёшь пала́т ка́менных. Compare: За двумя зайцами погонишься (, ни одного не поймаешь). That’s good! English equivalent: A fool may throw a stone into a well which a hundred wise men cannot pull out. Meaning: People tend to overestimate the danger when scared. English equivalent: A honey tongue, a heart of gall. Meaning: Children observe daily and — in their behaviour — often follow the example of their parents. - "To make an elephant from … Translation: Fools are not sown or reaped, they appear by themselves. Meaning: For all you have to pay, sooner or later. World War II mockery: С миру по нитке — Гитлеру верёвка (One thread from everyone in the world makes a noose for Hitler). The old man doesn’t recognize her. Куда́ конь с копы́том, туда и рак с клешнёй. Translation: A soldier who doesn't dream of becoming a general is a bad one. Compare: За одного́ би́того двух неби́тых даю́т. Translation: What used to be - is [now] gone (and overgrown with grass). 114. Translation: A goose is not a pig's friend. — Joseph Stalin "It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Transliteration: Povinnuyu golovu i mech ne sechot. English equivalent: As well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb. When to Use Direct Language . Meaning: The proposed alternative is no better. — Also: Things are most expensive when in high demand. – Russian Proverbs. English version: The devil is not so black as he is painted. Meaning: Lazy people always find excuses to delay their job. English equivalent: When the cat is away, the mice will play. Translation: Every vegetable has its time. ~Russian Proverb "Proverbs are the people's wisdom." Harold Brodkey Meaning: Drunk people brag a lot, yet are capable of very little. Russian Proverbs and Sayings Selections from Dubrovin, M. A Book of English and Russian Proverbs and Sayings. Meaning: If you want to sneak away from doing this hard part of the job, go ahead, you will only make it simpler for me. ; Time conquers all. Many originated centuries ago, but the bite-sized moral messages still endure in popular culture today. Transliteration: Ne boysya sobaki, shto layet, a bosya toy, shto molchit, da khvostom vilyayet. English equivalent: A good beginning makes a good ending. 5 Her feet go down to death, Her steps lay hold of hell. Translation: There'll be a holiday in our street too. Translation: Bread doesn't go for the belly (, but the belly goes for bread).. Translations: Eat bread and salt, cut the mother truth. Japanese Proverbs About Death; Japanese Wisdom in Proverbs (The 3 Forms of Japanese Wisdom Sayings) There are many old Japanese sayings steeped in the country’s history, culture, and innate wisdom. Transliteration: Ne znaya brodu, ne suysya v vodu. Translation: A spooked crow is afraid of a bush (a carriage [wheel's] squeak/its own shadow). Translation: One meets/greets [people] by their clothes, and says farewell by their mind. Transliteration: Nazvalsya gruzdem — polezay v kuzov. More proverbs. (Clothes do not make the man.) — М.: Воениздат, 1974. English equivalent: Once bitten, twice shy. Не ме́сто кра́сит челове́ка, а челове́к — ме́сто. Meaning: If you have lost (left behind/forgotten) something, expect to never see it again. All mushrooms are edible, but some only once. Translation: Granny (told fortunes and) said two things (— it will either rain or snow; it either will or will not). Translation: If given - take it; if beaten - run away. Не говори́ гоп, пока́ не переско́чишь (перепры́гнешь). Compare: С волка́ми жить, по-во́лчьи выть. English equivalent: Sell not the bear's skin before you have caught him. after getting some sleep/rest) rather than in the evening. Meaning: Work goes well when you know what you are doing. ; If ifs and ands were pots and pans, then we would need no tinkers. English equivalent: Strike while the iron is hot; Make hay while the sun shines. Dictionary of 1000 Russian Proverbs: With English Equivalents (Hippocrene Bilingual Proverbs) (English and Russian Edition) Peter Mertvago. На то и щу́ка [в мо́ре], что́бы кара́сь не дрема́л. Special offers and product promotions. – Russian Proverb. English equivalent: Iron fist in a velvet glove; Velvet paws hide sharp claws. Translation: What [you] plant, [you] will harvest. (For a big ship, a big torpedo). Meaning: "A weak part or member will affect the success or effectiveness of the whole.". drinking. Translation: A fisherman can tell another fisherman from afar. And that is to act according to the dictates of one's conscience. Translation: God keeps those safe who keep themselves safe. Modern Mockery (vulgar): "На чужое бухло не разевай ебло.". Spanish proverbs. Translation: [I] would have had no luck, if not for misfortune. English Equivalent: The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream. ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground, White Nights, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, and Selections from The House of the Dead. Proverbs 28:17 French Bible Proverbs 28:17 German Bible Alphabetical: A be blood by death fugitive guilt him human is laden let man murder no of one support the till tormented until who will with OT Poetry: Proverbs 28:17 A man who is tormented by life (Prov. Что напи́сано перо́м — не вы́рубить топоро́м. ; If wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak. Here's to drinking and swallowing, for the world is going to end. Compare: Дру́жба дру́жбой, а табачо́к (де́нежки) - врозь. Select a topic or search with your own keywords. [Oct 12, 2019] Proverbs and Sayings.Familiar Quotations, Russian writers A silent man is not a conquered man….Russian Proverb. English equivalent: All's well that ends well. Translation: Live for a century — learn for a century. Knowing these will add to your Russian range of expression so that you… Russian proverb. English equivalent: A bargain is a bargain. Source: За край свой насмерть стой. Зако́н что ды́шло, куда́ повернёшь - туда́ и вы́шло. Death is a giant against whom even the Tsars must draw weapons. Transliteration: V Tulu so svoim samovarom (ne yezdyat). Translation: Strike while the iron is hot. Сла́вны бу́бны за гора́ми (а к нам приду́т, как луко́шко). "A fop sometimes gives important advice.". Translation: It's good there, where we are not. doubt. Meaning: A person can never change his character. Translation: Seven [people] don't wait for one. Transliteration: Ne plyuy v kolodets — prigoditsya [vody] napit'sya. Compare: У вся́кого Па́вла своя́ пра́вда; О вку́сах не спо́рят. What’s Russian learning without some awesome proverbs and sayings? Transliteration: Ne vsyo to zoloto, chto blestit. Translation: The agreement(contract) costs more than money. English equivalent: Fine words butter no parsnips. Meaning: Work you enjoy never feels too hard. Translation: To live with wolves, you have to howl like a wolf. English equivalent: In the house of the hanged man, [they] mention not the rope. So, some time passes, and she calls him again, and she says, ‘I’m tired of being a queen. English equivalent: Give one an inch, and he will take a mile. New York, NY: Hippocrene Books. Translation: No family has no ugly member. Translation: [If all of us] take hold of [it] together, it won't feel heavy. Meaning: "An innocent demeanor may hide much guilt.". English equivalent: The pot calls the kettle black. While some of them are slang, others euphemize the unpleasantness of the subject, or are used in formal contexts.Some of the phrases may carry the meaning of 'kill', or simply contain words related to death. Translation: Don't look at the teeth of a horse you've been given. Modern mockery: Старость не радость, маразм не оргазм (Old age is no fun, marasmus is not orgasm). — Also: Things built without effort are hard to use. Her work has appeared on The Washington Post, New York Post, Brides, HuffPost, The Week, SheKnows, and many others. It is believed that when one sleeps one can traverse the “other world” and come back alive. "A kind word is like a spring day." on Pinterest. — Also: Good riddance! Such behavior is often seen with disapproval. English equivalent: One good turn deserves another. English equivalent: An old ape has an old eye; Old age, boy, is no joy. See also: Терпе́ние и труд всё перетру́т. English equivalent: The chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Translation: It's better to see once than hear a hundred times. Meaning: Don't give promises you can't fulfil; once given, the word must be kept. Cultural background: Since lightning strikes were considered acts of punishment by God, it was believed that crossing oneself would prevent one from being hit by a lightning. It was a lot of fun for me to be making this video, because I don't hear much of Russian proverbs in America. Translation: Even the sword doesn't cut the head of the one who confesses. - Рипол Классик, 2013,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He goes to fish, and he catches in his net a golden fish. After some time, she wants to be a queen. Translation: Take care of clothes from new, take care of [your] honor from when [you are] young. Meaning: Starting something is the hardest part of business. decisions. — Also: The following may contain obscene, rude or otherwise questionable content, yet it content cannot be omitted as it's an integral part of the story. Download free! Translation: Do not spit into a well—it may be useful to drink water. Meaning: You cannot alter the information that many people know by heart. Не ошиба́ется тот, кто ничего́ не де́лает. Rather we should thank God that such men lived." На вся́кого мудреца́ дово́льно простоты́. English equivalent: Wolf in sheep's clothing. Что име́ем — не храни́м, потеря́вши — пла́чем. Modern mockery: Не плюй в коло́дец: вы́летит — не пойма́ешь. Translation: You cannot break a wall with your forehead. English equivalent: Always be prepared (or "always bring more than you need"); Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Тону́л – топо́р сули́л, а как вы́тащили – и топори́ща жаль (ста́ло). See more ideas about russian proverb, proverbs, words of wisdom. English equivalent: On the other side grass is greener. Slang, rude (may be offensive): Пиздеть — не мешки ворочать (Pizdet' - nye meshki vorochat'). Transliteration: Ot dobra dobra ne ishchut. Who is Mr. Medved’? В дождь избы́ не кро́ют, а в вёдро и сама́ не ка́плет. "Поговорка - … English equivalents: To be hoisted by one's own petard; to shoot oneself in the foot; to slit one's own throat. Translation: If you take a day trip, take a week's supply of bread. Closest English equivalent: He who sups with the devil must use a long spoon. Translation: Don't have a friend who always agrees with you, but have a friend who argues with you. From Natasha's Russian Literature site. English equivalent: A blind man should not judge of colours. Соба́ка на се́не: и сама́ не ест, и други́м не даёт. Translation: While [he] was sinking, [he] promised [me] an axe [if I save him], but when pulled [ashore], [he] begrudged even an axe handle. English equivalent: He is so pig-headed; Stubborn as a mule. English equivalent: Misery loves company. Translation: Seven nannies make a kid not looked after. Meaning: Whatever the consequences can be — I'll try it! Meaning: Blessings/luck come most to those who do not recklessly rely on them, but work for them. Translation: A job feeds a man, laziness spoils him. English equivalent: Cast not your pearls before swine. Дурако́в не се́ют, не жнут, са́ми родя́тся. Translation: I'm not me, and [this] horse isn't mine (, and I'm not a cabman). ; Что напи́сано перо́м – не вы́рубить топоро́м. Фразеологический словарь русского языка для школьников, Лю́бишь ката́ться, люби́ и са́ночки вози́ть. Meaning: One can suffer for his/her activity or initiative; result is sometimes an oposite of expected. The habit doesn't make the monk. English equivalent: If ifs and buts were candy and nuts; If wishes were horses, beggars might ride. There can often be several different versions of proverbs with the same morals. The book presents proverbs and sayings in Russian with word-to-word translation into English. English equivalent: No pain, no gain; Nothing ventured, nothing gained. English equivalent: What goes around, comes around. Transliteration: "Vashymi by ustami da myod pit'.". – Russian Proverb. Meaning: If you severely hinder others, don't be surprised when you get left behind. Here are some funny Russian idioms for current and would-be language learners. Compare: Когда рак на горе свистнет. Transliteration: Ne imey druga potatchika, a imey druga poperechnika. From shop SOVOK. 2 A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs the heart. Meaning: "People who know they have done wrong reveal their guilt by the things they say or the way they interpret what other people say.". Modern mockery: Время — лучший доктор, но ужасный косметолог. English equivalent: East or West - home is best. Translation: The snail is coming, who knows when it arrives. Meaning: People often don't keep their promises. Translation: It will snap where it is thinnest. Download and chatter books online, ePub / PDF online / Audible / Kindle is an easy way to hit, books for many. Tell me … Transliteration: Odna charka na zdorov'e, drugaya na vesel'e, tret'a na vzdor. Translation: [It's] not gods [who] make pots. English equivalent: Seeing is believing; One look is worth a thousand words. Translation: [You] cannot throw a word out of a song. Transliteration: Ne roy drugomu yamu, sam v neyo popadyosh. Shame is worse than death. Язы́к мой – враг мой (, пре́жде ума́ глаго́лет). Death is not found behind mountains but right behind our shoulders. It took centuries for Russian people to accumulate this part of the language that reflect the way and conditions of life and work, culture , traditions and history of Russians . Do not carry rubbish out of your hut. Russian Proverbs and Sayings More than 600 famous sayings Share with email, twitter, sms and more Save to favorites Shuffle Mode. Transliteration: Posle draki kulakami ne mashut. He goes to fish, and he catches in his net a golden fish. 16 offers from $13.95. Russian. Конь о четырёх ногах, а спотыкается. Meaning: Men tend to co-operate, but women - to compete. View All Proverbs about Money. I want to be a Tsaritsa of all of the seas and I want the golden fish to be my servant.’ The old man goes, and he says, ‘There’s nothing I can do. If one man praises you, a thousand will repeat the praise. Meaning: Newcomers are the most ambitious. Чужу́ю беду́ рука́ми разведу́, а к свое́й ума́ не приложу́. English equivalent: You can’t expect perfection every time. Translation: Studying is light; not studying is darkness. dragons. English equivalent: You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg. English equivalent: Winning is earning, losing is learning., Sadder but wiser. English equivalent: You can't catch the wind in a net. This Russian proverb however is a lot more positive and it’s meaning is more direct – life is a learning process, so as you live, you will learn. Translations: A tale is told quickly, but the job is done slowly. English equivalent: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. English equivalent: Every cloud has a silver lining. English equivalent: Many hands make light work. Translation: Desire is worse then compulsion. Ели—пили, веселились. Transliteration: Ne mesto krasit cheloveka, a chelovek — mesto. Translation: A woman's hair is long, and her mind short. Russian Proverbs and Sayings - Fighting the Bear Pin. Translation: Unless caught [stealing], [one is] not a thief. Meaning: If too many people are working on the same project, everybody will expect that another one will do the actual job. Thoughts: I think that this proverb represent the kind of work ethic that Russians appreciate. Modern mockery: Чем да́льше в лес, тем толще партизаны; Чем да́льше в лес, тем бли́же вы́лез (wordplay on similarly sounding "в лес"/"влез"). is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. English equivalent: Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse. The first thing we should know about Russian proverbs is that they often place the verb in second person singular – leaving the pronoun «ты» [you] out of the sentence, though. Meaning: The way you describe it, this story/plan/thing sounds too good to be true. Что у тре́звого на уме́, то у пья́ного на языке́. Context: The informant told me this proverb during a video call in which I asked her to tell me a popular Russian proverb. Transliteration: Ne davshi slova — krepis', a davshi — derzhis'. They’re a language-learners dream because they teach more than words—they teach customs and beliefs! English equivalent: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. English equivalent: News spreads like wildfire; News flies fast. Transliteration: Boltun — nakhodka dlya shpiona. Transliteration: Ne vsyo kotu maslenitsa, budet i velikiy post. "Who are a little wise the best fools be.". English equivalent: A fly in the ointment; The rotten apple spoils the barrel. – Russian … — Also: If you're in need, take what they give you, it's not time to decline offers. ~Russian Proverb "If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one." Meaning: Don’t question a gift's value; be thankful, rather than judging something you received as a gift. Translation: Where [goes] a horse with [its] hoof, there [goes] a crayfish with [its] pincer.
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