I mean, we grew up together, so we have a lot in common, but... Carmen took her to the doctor, but he said there was no cure for the common cold and not to worry about it. Habitual 5. Fred, age seventy-six, was quick to embrace any hint of mystery and attach it to the most common everyday happening. We have nothing in common. By the comparison, for instance, of a number of boats, the mind abstracts a certain common quality or qualities in virtue of which the mind affirms the general idea of "boat.". The best soils are in the west section, where limestone clays or shell marls are common. 439) Other traces occur in the Acts of Uniformity, which make offences of depraving the Book of Common Prayer triable at Assizes (between 23 Eliz. Who Coined the Phrase "It Is What It Is". The engine has much in common with modern ones. After taking orders he went (1770) to Rome, where he obtained the degree of doctor of theology and common law, and devoted himself enthusiastically to the study of the fine arts, especially of architecture and painting. With that form of art the pointed style of Sicily has nothing in common. Dad, the only thing Denton and I have in common is that we're both Homo Sapiens. The parts of the flower are most frequently arranged in fives, or multiples of fives; for instance, a common arrangement is as follows, - five sepals, succeeded by five petals, ten stamens in two sets of five, and five or fewer carpels; an arrangement in fours is less frequent, while the arrangement in threes, so common in monocotyledons, is rare in dicotyledons. In some cases there was foundation for the laborers claims, but unfortunately the movement got into the hands of professional agitators and common swindlers, and the leader, a certain Giampetruzzi, who at one time seemed to be a worthy colleague of Marcelin Albert, was afterwards tried and condemned for having cheated his own followers. This again was not at the outset an exclusive right of the crown; it was common for a leader in battle to grant to some one not of his family, who had specially distinguished himself, the right to bear the whole or part of his coat of arms, differenced or undifferenced. "I needed a woman," he said dismissively, as if she was a common prostitute. Their natural resemblances and differences are only to be expressed by disposing them as if they were branches springing from a common hypothetical centre. If people with those conditions get better, information about their treatment can be widely shared with those who have the common genetic factors. CK 1 1040691 The police treated Tom like a common criminal. Howitt and Dr Roth appear to have satisfied themselves of a belief, common to most tribes, in a mythic being (he has different names in different tribes) having some of the attributes of a Supreme Deity. They left the common area for the bedchambers wing. (= five nautical miles) an hour; hence the common use of knot as equivalent to a nautical mile. The cause of such agreement is, according to Grisebach, shrouded in the deepest obscurity, but it finds its obvious and complete explanation in the descent from a common ancestor which he would unhesitatingly reject. Between friends all is common. The humanistic movement had created a common culture, a common language and sense of common nationality. Eldad 1 21468 Learning is one thing, and common sense This writer traces their origin to the 14th century; but the procedure does not seem to have become regularized or common till the reigns of Louis XII. Common throughout the northern and middle states and Canada, the red oak attains a large size only on good soils; the wood is of little value, being coarse and porous, but it is largely used for cask-staves; the bark is a valuable tanning material. The valley regions are tropical, and malarial fevers are common. The conquest of Cyprus by the Turks, and their aggressions on the Christian powers, frightened the states of the Mediterranean into forming a holy league for their common defence. Sentence structure determines how the different parts of a sentence are put together, from its punctuation to the ordering of its words. When moving to another country, it is important to have expertise in the most common language. Metal roofs, designed to slip the snow, were a common sight in Ouray. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 282+78 sentence examples: 1. What do those items have in common? 8. In contrast with the dread felt by the infantrymen placed in support, here in the battery where a small number of men busy at their work were separated from the rest by a trench, everyone experienced a common and as it were family feeling of animation. : Hence, to reduce a Macedonian date to the Common Era, subtract 311 years and four months. If teacher is a common noun, then Ms. Wong or Mr. Baker are proper nouns. Next in order come the tentacles, common to all Cnidaria. The serfs, whose wrongs seldom attracted notice in an age indifferent to the claims of common humanity, found a friend in this severe monarch, and he protected even the despised and persecuted Jews. A common activity for new mothers is to calm and soothe their crying babies since babies cry for many different reasons on a daily basis. Common sense slumped back in as I could see his point. MAIMONIDES, the common name of RABBI MOSES BEN. In common with the state of Michoacan, Morelia is a stronghold of clericalism and conservatism. In Venetia it is more common than elsewhere in Italy for owners to till their own soil. In response to this call some Russian princes formed a league and went out eastward to meet the foe, but they were utterly defeated in a great battle on the banks of the Kalka (1224), which has remained to this day in the memory of the Russian common people. The principal rocks are andesites, but trachytes and basalts are also common. The common understanding is getting him back here to face murder charges, 2. Although his father was a king, Cyrus was brought up like the son of a common man. Of a collection of about 500 species made in that country by Sir Henry James nearly a third are British. 6. So the way in which these people killed one another was not decided by Napoleon's will but occurred independently of him, in accord with the will of hundreds of thousands of people who took part in the common action. A colony enclosed by a common gelatinous test c. stigma. speed to 60 fathoms for 20 knots, the pull of the line and rotator is borne by coned rollers, having their outlines tapering to a common point in their rotation, thus giving a broad rolling surface. The number of rainy days throughout the peninsula varies from 160 to over 200 in each year, but violent gusts of wind, called " Sumatras," accompanied by a heavy downpour of short duration, are more common than persistent rain. No genus or species of palm, for example, is common to the Old and New Worlds. The common people, whom he had always favoured at the expense of the boyars, thereupon implored him to come back on his own terms. The possession of the character in the archecentric condition in (say) two of the members of the group does not indicate that these two members are more nearly related to one another than they are to other members of the group; the archecentric condition is part of the common heritage of all the members of the group, and may be retained by any. 2. A bitter principle to which the name of quercin has been applied by Gerber, its discoverer, has also been detected in the acorn of the common oak; the nutritive portion seems chiefly a form of starch. when he took over the city from Mathilda, an important new provision being that general rules for the government of the city were only to be made by arrangement between the count or his officials and the common council of the citizens. Hence the budding of medusae exemplifies very clearly a common phenomenon in development, a phylogenetic series of events completely dislocated in the ontogenetic time-sequence. From that time certainly equity, like common law, has professed to take its principles wholly from recorded decisions and statute law. He accepted the story about the woman as if it were common place - or maybe it was no surprise. Run-on sentences. Quarrels of a kind only too common among exiles followed; the Hungarians were especially offended by his claim still to be called governor. In England rood lofts do not appear to have been introduced before the 14th century, and were not common till the 15th. 7. CK 2473608 We don't have a lot in common. He showed indeed none of the avaricious temper so common among the politicians of the time. "Nonsense. 3. the remark on p. 481 of his work that " the countries of the East Indian flora have no kinds of birds in common with America which are vegetable feeders.". For once, someone in the chain of command had some common sense. , Since Mary loved to bake, a common smell wafting through the house was of freshly baked bread or cakes in the oven. Yes. The process is conceived as an infinite series of variations or specifications of one primitive and common type. This is a common observation. Kris slid two rare green life crystals across the table, the common form of payment for an assassination not ordered by Death herself. They crossed through a common area with a kitchenette and large, flat-screen TV, past a gym, a library, and a few other common rooms, and into the barracks area, which bustled with activity. The lower Cryptogams were contrasted as Amphigenae ("growing all over"), a misnomer, as apical growth is common among them. Pledges were often made where the intrinsic value of the article was equivalent to the amount of the debt; but antichretic pledge was more common, where the profit of the pledge was a set-off against the interest of the debt. South of it is Eltham Common (37 acres), and in the E. of the borough are Plumstead Common (103 acres) and Bostall Heath (134 acres). The one wished to throw Indiana into the common stock, the other refused to lend his name, or even part of his name, to a work in which he had had no share. It is doubtful whether the medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis, which is rarer in England than on the continent of Europe, or the horse leech, Aulastoma gulo, often confused with it, has the best right to the original possession of this name. To ascertain the ship's speed by the common log four articles are necessary - a log-ship or log-chip, log-reel, log-line and log-glass. Between veterinary school and the animal safari that had been Alex's dream, it should have been no surprise that they had common interest. It constituted the most common form of divination in ancient Babylonia, where it can be traced back to the 3rd millennium B.C. Vessels are common in the Angiospermous group of Flowering Plants. She said that they have already started to lay people off. The tisallus (thallome) is a plant-body which is not differentiated into the members root, stem and leaf; it is the morphologically simplest body, such as is of common occurrence in the lower plants (e~. I'm a teacher. Several smaller forms of the same general appearance are known as wallabies, and are common everywhere. Articles written in common soon led to a complete literary partnership, and 1831 there appeared in the Revue de Paris a joint novel entitled Prima Donna and signed Jules Sand. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The spermatogenesis and maturation and fertilization of the germ-cells present nothing out of the common and need not be C. For the most part, polyp and medusa have been regarded as modifications of a common type, a view supported by the existence, among Scyphomedusae (q.v. He had that common sense of a matter-of- fact man which showed him what he ought to do. Conducted by the university in 2008. Schimper had previously maintained that the action of common salt in the cell-sap is detrimental as regards assimilation. Why not interpret at once and render intelligible the common conception originating in natural science, viz. They have no cause of their own to plead, but while they enlighten and sustain the reader his common sense will not refuse them. Death is common [sure] to all. Looking for sentences with "Common"?Here are some examples. They went out and walked about till dinnertime, talking of the political news and common acquaintances like people who do not know each other intimately. I can even remember most of the common letter substitutions. The public buildings are mostly constructed of broken stone and mortar, plastered outside and covered with red tiles, but the common dwellings are generally constructed of tapiarough trellis-work walls filled in with mud. The Presbyterianism now visible in England is of Scottish origin and Scottish type, and beyond the fact of embracing a few congregations which date from, or before, the Act of Uniformity and the Five Mile Act, has little in common with the Presbyterianism which was for a brief period by law established. He supported the claims of Bohemia to a full autonomy; he strongly attacked both the February constitution and the Ausgleich with Hungary; what he desired was a common parliament for the whole empire based on a settlement with each one of the territories. In 1718 was published a new Communion Office taken partly from Primitive Liturgies and partly from the first English Reformed Common Prayer Book,.. On several occasions concordats have established a new division of dioceses, and provided that future erections or divisions should be made by a common accord. After chatting about common friends she asked, "What can I do for you?". It was a long time before decimal arithmetic came into general use, and all through the 17th century exponential marks were in common use. Proper nouns differ from common nouns by being specific common nouns. 1. In 1869 the Old and New Schools in the North combined on the basis of the common standards; to commemorate the union a memorial fund was raised which amounted in 1871 to $7,607,492. Yet lawns in the United States are destitute of the common English daisy, the wild hyacinth of the woods of the United Kingdom is absent from Germany, and the foxglove from Switzerland. Its founder was a Norfolk lawyer, William Howard or Haward, who was summoned to parliament as a justice in 1295, being appointed a justice of the common pleas in 1297. Every face, from Denisov's to that of the bugler, showed one common expression of conflict, irritation, and excitement, around chin and mouth. Meanwhile, no scheme for combination against common foes arose in the peninsula. The address in reply to the speech from the throne, voted after a debate in which abstract theories had triumphed over common sense, demanded universal suffrage, the establishment of pure parliamentary government, the abolition of capital punishment, the expropriation of the landlords, a political amnesty, and the suppression of the Imperial Council. The word "undertaker" had long been in common usage. Divorce is becoming more common nowadays. Oracular possession of the kind above described is also common among savages and people of lower culture; and Dr Tylor, in his Primitive Culture, ii. If we consider a leaf of the common fern we find that in its young condition it is closely rolled up, the upper or ventral surface being quite concealed. a law that has become common practice and is widely accepted. In view of this contingency the Russian and French military authorities studied the military questions in common, and the result of their labours was the preparation of a military convention, which was finally ratified in 1894. It was led by the Medici, who sided with the common people, and increased their political importance by the accumulation and wise employment of vast commercial wealth. Turning now to outgrowths of a woody nature, the well-known burrs or knaurs, so common on elms and other trees are cases in point. Don't you understand that either we are officers serving our Tsar and our country, rejoicing in the successes and grieving at the misfortunes of our common cause, or we are merely lackeys who care nothing for their master's business. CK 1 1961707 I thought you two would have a lot in common. From Socrates, in Xenophon's Memorabilia, downwards, the argument is tolerably common; it is notable in Cicero; in the modern discussion it dominates the 18th-century mode of thought, is confidently appealed to though not worked out by Butler, and is fully stated by Paley. A few species, however, like the common British forms Chelifer cancroides and Chiridium museorum, frequent human dwellings and are found in books, old chests, furniture, &c.; others like Ganypus littoralis and allied species may be found under stones or pieces of coral between tide-marks; while others, which are for the most part blind, live permanently in dark caves. Twice, though the first time is not common knowledge. The effect of lime on plants is less understood even than the effect of common salt. And, as modern changes have commonly attacked the power both of kings and of nobles, the common notion has come that kingship and nobility have some necessary connexion. common (adj): the same in a lot of places or for a lot of peopleUse 'common' in a sentence I have nothing in common with her. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. have in common in a sentence. The observation that large groups of species of widely different habits present the same fundamental plan of structure; and that parts of the same animal or plant, the functions of which are very different, likewise exhibit modifications of a common plan. common ancestor in a sentence English words and Examples of use Example Sentences for "common ancestor" Coryphoideae is the most diverse subfamily and is a paraphyletic group, meaning that all members of the group share a common ancestor but the group does not … , The common expression between the close-knit mother and daughter is “Enjoy your life” which they would state to each other to show their love. At atmospheric pressure the discharge is able to pass through a far greater distance in helium than in the common gases. In addition to its small size, it shared a common wall to the Dean's quarters, infringing on their privacy. C. Eyton to have some very exceptional osteological features, and these were found to be also common to Pteroptochus and Scytalopus. The Emilian region is one where regular rotations are best observeda common shift being grain, maize, clover, beans and vetches, &c., grain, which has the disadvantage of the grain crops succeeding, each other. Donnie won the first game with "cant" which Dean questioned, unsuccessfully, assuming the boy meant the more common version, "can't," which was unacceptable. 4. The cock, in his plumage of yellowish-green and yellow is one of the most finely coloured of common English birds, but he is rather heavily built, and his song is hardly commended. of railway, and the tendency of all the great American railway systems, even when not tied to one another in common ownership, is to increase their mileage year by year by acquiring tributary lines. How to use common in a sentence. The older records utilized by the Deuteronomic and later compilers indicate some common tradition which has found expression in these varying forms. This belief in the infallibility of revelation is involved in the very beliefs in revelation itself, and is common to all sections of Christians, who differ mainly as to the kind and measure of infallibility residing in the human instruments by which this revelation is interpreted to the world. ristic composition, especially by different dominant species, for d by minor differences of the common habitat. But the privileged class alone are eligible to the greatest offices of the state; they have in their hands the exclusive control of the national religion; they have the exclusive enjoyment of the common land of the state - in Teutonic phrase, the folkland. Those who tried to understand the general course of events and to take part in it by self-sacrifice and heroism were the most useless members of society, they saw everything upside down, and all they did for the common good turned out to be useless and foolish--like Pierre's and Mamonov's regiments which looted Russian villages, and the lint the young ladies prepared and that never reached the wounded, and so on. The only thing she had in common with that girl was the fact that they were both poor. It is one of the strongest instances furnished by history of the fascination exercised by an idea that the Italians themselves should have grown to glory in this dependence of their nation upon Caesars who had nothing but a name in common with the Roman Imperator of the past. The main floor consisted of common areas and wide halls lined with massive windows. CK 306754 They have something in common. Each tribe occupied a recognized territory, averaging perhaps a dozen square miles, and used a common dialect. Nor was it strictly a nobility of office, though it had more in common with that than with either of the other two. The comparative richness of proteaceous plants in Western Australia and South Africa first suggested a common source for these primitive types. This is now a common occurrence. These cookies do not store any personal information. Examples of common sense in a sentence, how to use it. Amongst Conifers, Podocar pus is found throughout, Agathis is common to Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia; Araucaria ~ ~he first and last. South of the park lies the open common of Blackheath, mainly within the borough of Lewisham, and in the east the borough includes the greater part of Woolwich Common. The species of Hydra, however, are extremely common and familiar inhabitants of ponds and ditches. Obviously no more than this is possible until physiologists are able to state much more precisely than at present what is the influence of common salt on the plants of salt-marshes, of the action of calcium carbonate on plants of calcareous soils, and of the action of humous compounds on plants of fens and peat moors. The English common law, with all the absurdities and rigours of that day, was arbitrarily extended to an alien system of society. The history of the Roman commonwealth illustrates this perhaps better than any other.' Budding from the hydrocaulus may be combined with budding from the hydrorhiza, so that numer ous branching colonies arise from a common basal stolon. The common law has been somewhat unfavourable to the enforcement of such agreements, and statutes in the United States, both local and national, have attempted to prohibit them; but the public advantage from their existence has been so great as to render their legal disabilities inoperative. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. CK 1 2359965 I have more in common with Tom than Mary. It was times like this that she realized how much they had in common. When workmen from any province come, for instance, to St Petersburg to engage in the textile industries, or to work as carpenters, masons, &c., they immediately unite in groups of ten to fifty persons, settle in a house together, keep a common table and pay each his part of the expense to the elected elder of the artel. It is also described as a bifurcation of two twigs, mental and bodily creation out of a common root. Nation-states allow groups of people to create governments that reflect their common values. 1 It is a common practice of keepers of dogs to place a piece of roll sulphur in the animal's water but this serves no useful purpose owing to this property. It's not common knowledge yet, Wynn whispered. Common sense tells us the obvious is usually where the truth rests and the obvious is either Fitzgerald or someone in the Dawkins family. What did these women have in common? 3. 70, 71), common in the Mediterranean and other seas. Different religious standpoints are represented in the biblical writings, and it is now important to observe that the prophecies of Hosea unmistakably show another attitude to the Israelite priesthood. Under the disguise of doctors, midwives, school teachers, governesses, factory hands or common labourers, they sought to make proselytes among the peasantry and the workmen in the industrial centres by revolutionary pamphlets and oral explanations. The motor in most common use for electric cranes is the series wound, continuous current motor, which has many advantages. In common definition: If two or more things have something in common , they have the same characteristic or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Irritation and hypertrophy of cells are common signs of the presence of parasites, as ovinced by the numerous malformations, galls, witches-brooms, &c., on diseased plants. All Rights Reserved. flOd, a word common to Teutonic languages, cf. In common with the general Presbyterianism of the British Isles, the Presbyterian Church of England has in recent years been readjusting its relation to the Westminster Confession of Faith. Common mistakes in sentence structure. They said that a bright boy like George would not long be a common sailor. It was a cavalry melee, in which the common code of honour caused Macedonian and Persian chieftains to engage hand to hand, and at the end of the day the relics of the Persian army were in flight, leaving the high-roads of Asia Minor clear for the invader. Direct division is a much less common phenomenon than was formerly supposed to be the case. The special character of Norman rule in Sicily was that all these various races flourished, each in its own fashion, each keeping its own creed, tongue and manners, under the protection of a common sovereign, who belonged to none of them, but who did impartial justice to all. Instead of the white lily, which requires mud, or the common sweet flag, the blue flag (Iris versicolor) grows thinly in the pure water, rising from the stony bottom all around the shore, where it is visited by hummingbirds in June; and the color both of its bluish blades and its flowers and especially their reflections, is in singular harmony with the glaucous water. Small cuttlefish are in common use as an article of diet. Buffon remarked that the same temperature might have been expected, all other circumstances being equal, to produce the same beings in different parts of the globe, both in the animal and vegetable kingdoms. If it is ultimate truth in its own region, that region cannot be accepted as more than half the entire universe of reality (common sense intuitionalism; dualism). Every tragedy makes heroes of common people. 6. GALVANIZED IRON, sheet iron having its surface covered with a thin coating of zinc. Brady strode from the private room into a common area, where two of his four remaining men waited. : He uses the Common Era, though we have no reason to believe that this was done by the writers who immediately preceded him. A handful of common sense is wort The scales of the images formed in the focus of the eyepiece common to both microscopes shall be identical. He stuck to his promise. "The superiority of these men - more intelligent than the common soldiers, better disciplined, better trained, better armed, excellent horsemen and fighting for a great cause - not only over the other parliamentary troops but over the royalists, was soon observed in battle. Some people think it is wrong to end a sentence with a preposition, but the construction is quite common in English. In Lombardy a six-year shift is common: either wheat, clover, maize, rice, rice, rice (the last year manured with lupines) or maize, wheat followed by clover, clover, clover ploughed in, and rice, rice and rice manured with lupines.
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