There are a wide variety of natural formations on the coastline like mangroves, coves, caves, coral reefs, and cliffs. This meeting of land and the sea, however, is not always fixed due to the tidal phenomenon, which is rather dynamic in nature. The coastline is 7,500 km long. Canada has many islands and is surrounded by water on most sides including the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean and a few smaller bodies of water. According to the coastline paradox, the coastline does not have a well-defined length. Canada is also one of the happiest countries in the world. It is bordered by three oceans – the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the East and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Beaches and spectacular marine beauty also attract many tourists to this country making tourism one of the main businesses. St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Yalta and Kaliningrad are all coastal cities. Canada is the country with the longest coastline (152,100 miles) and Monaco has the shortest coastline (3.5 miles). Do post your comments. Coastline. The coastal landforms are the beach and salt marsh. I'd agree that one of the Scottish counties has the longest coastline. The coastline of the northeastern coast of Sumatra and the coasts of Kalimantan and Papua are somewhat low and swampy with extensive mangrove forests. 3 steps are not required to solve all questions! Top … New York has coasts on both the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. Argyll with a coastline of 3,723 KM. Kent has the longest coastline of any county in Britain - 350 miles - and the county council is actively encouraging residents and visitors to make the most of it, from Dover’s iconic White Cliffs to the internationally-protected north Kent marshes. The coast forms a very important part of the economy of this country since many activities like fishing, prawn cultivation and tourism are dependent on the coast. The following list of the states with the 10 longest coastlines in the United States is arranged by length. Also Read: Top 10 Greenest Cities In The World. The glaciers in the island produce huge icebergs that are abundant in the Greenlandic waters. These are the 10 countries with longest coastline. Most of the Canadian provinces and territories, with the exception of Alberta and Saskatchewan, have their own respective coastlines. Indonesia has the second longest coastline in the world at 61,567 miles, followed by Norway at 36,122 miles long. The total measurement of the coastline will be fractal meaning it will be different at different scale intervals and it will also depend on the distance between points on the coastline at which measurements are taken. Which English county has the shortest coastline? Scotland does, but it turns out not to be that easy to get an accurate estimate for the length of the Scottish coastline. The Scottish Council Area of The Western Isles or Na h-Eileanan Siar in Scottish Gaelic could be a contender. Ireland has approximately 4,235km of coastline. The vast number and types of ice formations on the Antarctic coast give it a unique appearance and it is also home to some very peculiar wildlife. The largest country in the world in terms of area, Russia is also one of the countries with longest coastlines in the world. Having direct access to sea brings tons of advantages for a country-beaches, ports, shipping, and easy access to trade. The Indian Ocean washes the shores of the country to the south and the Lakshadweep Sea is at the southwest. In this page you will find the solution for Country with the longest coastline crossword clue answer. 25,148 km (includes mainland 2,650 km, as well as long fjords, numerous small islands, and minor indentations 22,498 km; length of island coastlines 58,133 km) Oman 2,092 km The longest coastline in South America is that of Brazil, which has a length of 7,941 kilometers. The United States is a respectable 8th on the list at 19,924 km (12,383 miles). Some of the cities in the US listed under best beach cities in the world. While landlocked countries like Austria or Kazakhstan encompass large amounts of land mass, they possess borders rather than coastlines. There are a wide variety of natural formations on the coastline like … Our machine learning tool trying its best to find the relevant answer to your question. Munster has the longest provincial coastline, and Donegal has the longest county coastline. The coastline is very large of over 18000 miles. Coming in 8th, the United States has a total coastline of around 12,380 miles. It is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Barnet’s Sea and has many unique geological features along the coast. The River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland. If you want, you can directly challenge a friend or loved one in the daily crossword puzzle competition. The coastline is alongside the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for receiving a large number of tourists as well as its islands, bays, and reefs. Oslo, the capital of Norway is located close to the sea and like other countries on this list, most major cities in Norway to are situated along the coast. Devon has two separate stretches of coastline. The United States of America is one of the countries with the largest coastlines since it is surrounded by four water bodies – Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Of the fifty states, 23 have their own coastline and Alaska has the longest coast of over 6000 miles. According to Wikipedia, mainland Scotland has a coastline of 9,910 km (6,160 miles). The islands are of a very irregular shape and have many water bodies that continue inland. Powered by. Last updated Aug 23 2016. Oceans and coastlines form an indispensable part of the geography, culture, and economy of any country. Moreover, since Canada has many Island surrounding the mainland, the coastline area increases manifold. Like Russia, most of the major cities in the Philippines too are coastal cities and they are more densely populated than cities located inland. This country located in the extreme north between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans is a biodiversity hub because of the unique habitat it has on the coast. Fishing is a major economic activity in the Philippines and many households depend on it as a sustenance activity. The mainland coast of Canada includes the islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island. Cork has the second longest coastline, Mayo has the longest. The smaller the scale interval the more detailed the measurement of the coastline. Tags: Planet Earth, Country Statistics, Top 5 Longest, Canada Sources: Top 5 of Anything Research 2011. Munster has the longest provincial coastline, and Donegal has the longest county coastline. Journals Which country has the longest coastline? This compares with Indonesia (54,716 km), Russia (37,653 km), the United States (19,924 km) and China (14,500 km). Kelly demonstrates how she used this stimulus question to capture students’ imagination at the start of a unit of work on coasts. Then Give Right Answer Below As Comment. Even though it has one of the longest coastlines, most people in China live inland … Wildlife is the heart of the world. Flying with infants... Every year, many people move cross country due to many reasons. The coastline and its waters are home to an impressive place of wildlife and marine animals such as Fin, Minke and Humpback Whales, Narwhal and Beluga. This has boosted the tourism industry in Australia and today it forms an important part of the economy. Apart from being the country with the longest coastline, Canada is also the second largest country in the world. The penguins live on the coast of this continent and many aquatic animals like whales, orcas, and seals can be spotted here. The country claims all waters around its territory upto 12 nautical miles (22 km/14 mi). Some of the popular destinations across the country coastline are the blue lagoon, Pagudpud, Luzon island, El Nido islands, Palaui Island, Tubbataha reefs natural park and Boracay. There’s a coastline for almost all the provinces of Canada which makes it greater in terms of beauty and Maintainance. Devon has two separate stretches of coastline. Canada is a large country that has a long coastline. Also, known as the Konkan coast, Maharashtra coastline is a home to many beaches, sightseeing places, and ideal places for adventure activities, which makes it a perfect gateway for cities around. The country has coastlines along the Arabian Sea to the west and the Bay of Bengal to the east. The country’s 125,567 miles long coastline fronts on the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. It actually has the longest coastline compared to any other country in the world. Though not in the top ten countries in terms of total land area, the large number of islands in Indonesia qualify it to rank as the third among the countries in the world with the longest coastlines. Teaching Geography Summer 2016. Originally posted Dec 29 2008 3:03 AM. List Notes: This list does not include Greenland which has 44,087 kilometres of coastline but is an autonomous country within Denmark.If it were to be included it would be number 3 on the list. Ireland has approximately 4,235km of coastline. Colombia has barely any shoreline compared to the USA (and other South American countries, for that matter). Australia has a coastline of just over 16000 miles and has more than 10000 beaches. This large country has one of the longest coastlines in the world because of the sheer size of the landmass. Shoreline Mileage of the United States . With a coastline totaling 56,453 miles (just over 90,852 km), the country accounts for roughly 15% of the coastlines around the world. Some islands have dense mangrove vegetation while others have been fully used for building infrastructure and developing them as tourist attractions. In case you have visited some of the biggest cities in the world recently... On holidays, many parents have to travel with their newborn babies. In Indonesia, the smaller islands are more popular with tourists since they are more picturesque. The Philippines has a very small land area and compared to this, the coastline is very long. The country’s 125,567 miles long coastline fronts on the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. We see that this clue has already been published in Wall Street Journal Puzzles. It is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination but scientists fear that the damage done by a large number of tourists could harm the endemic wildlife. Cornwall has a coast on two different bodies of water but it's the same coast as it goes from Saltash along to Lands End and then comes back on the top side towards Bude.
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