Then about a month ago my mom passed out at work, hitting her head on the concrete floor. Gets Shuri to help him with any technical things that might help locate you, so immediately Erik is at a disadvantage. T'Challa's adopted older brother, Hunter, blamed him for her death.T'Challa w… “Mmm such a pretty one you are. Wakanda will finally open its borders and share its resources with the world, the resulting consequences of this are left to be seen in the future Marvel universe. Leaning you over his lap he lifted your dress until you were clad only in your undergarments across his legs. “Again!”T’Challa ordered as he swatted you once again, continuing on until he got to twenty. Basically you are stuck with him in Wakanda, he isn’t going to let you leave. However should someone try to approach you in a flirtatious manner, he will let loose any of the anger he holds below the surface. This cinematic ‘black love letter’ of sorts speaks to the growth that we all still need to make. Suddenly swooping in came Spider-Man saving the day, and potentially your life. Can you do 8, 19 and 18 for our King of Wakanda, Numbers 7,21,29 with black panther/king T’challa, Last time I didn't see any for T'challa and I feel like this prompt would be interesting for him so 27 for him please. Your ass sore and raw from each of his hits, tears now running down your cheeks. You’ve stolen my heart, and now I want you to keep it.”T’Challa said with a soft smile on his face. He would be able to notice the same signs he carries in his own eyes. From the time she turned 16 Wanda always had a red ribbon tied around her wrist. And which one would you like, seriously, truly fear coming after you? “COUNT!”He demanded loudly. Thank you so much for your request and support! Even if you fight him, it’s no use because he is stronger and faster than you will ever be. In his climactic last words, he asserts to his despondent cousin T'Challa; “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, ‘cause they knew death was better than bondage.” Chilling, yet powerful words from this complex anti-hero. For a long time she ignored it, focusing on getting her revenge for the death of her family. Not that I would allow it, but that is besides the point. Reassuring him a lot will help ease his anxieties, after all he has lost most good things in his life, he couldn’t bear losing you too. Each push knocking your head into the plaster slightly, grabbing your hips to gain more stability. “You don’t realize how powerful you are with my by your side, because that could easily be arranged. Reveling in how lucky he was to truly have you, and that he was in a position to keep you with him. <3 <3 <3] T'Challa and Erik both have the herb, but no suit. His mother, N'Yami, died a week after giving birth to her son as a consequence of a rare autoimmune disease she had contracted during pregnancy. Gasping you were shocked to say the least, but you couldn’t deny the excitement in your heart at finally finding the one for you. One scene in the film enacts the comic cliché ‘villain reveals his evil plan’, which surprised audiences, in that many were actually able to experience a sense of affinity with his controversial intentions. For your own safety of course, you are in the safest country in the world! How could you not feel lucky upon meeting this cute brown eyed boy with the curls? Not that you didn’t love him, and he didn’t trust you. That was until you joined the team, and it was his job to train you on hand to hand combat. You should understand how important this is.”He added seriously finally gazing up at you. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Plus there was always the time period to consider, what if he met you in a time that wasn’t considered his own? “Your happiness, your tears, your love, your hate – all of it belongs to me. I know some of you are probably wondering where I have been lately, and I wish the answer was something more positive than it actually is. Once again hiking up your dress he teased you rubbing his thick cock along your slit, lathering it in the remnants of your previous climax. You could only imagine the stuff that they heard as you worked in a karaoke bar in the evenings. Even Lupita Nyong’o who plays Nakia, tells of the astonishment she expressed to the director upon first reading the script - “is Marvel/Disney really allowing you to do this?!”. Overhearing the part about the soulmate your ears perked up. Not the type to physically punish you, but to make you feel guilty for running from him in the first place. T'challa vs Killmonger Erik Killmonger (formerly N'Jadaka) Erik Killmonger's first appearance was in Jungle Action #6, during the Panther's Rage story. Please give him your undivided attention, he loves you more than anyone else in the world. You should know by now not to defy your King, even if I started out merely as a Prince when we met. “Say you love me.”His whispered into your ear barely loud enough for you to hear had he not been so close. You had just suffered through another boring date, your twenties not quite living up to expectations. I mean look at the guy. Sign up for our newsletter to get the freshest stories in your inbox, every day! Unfortunately you overslept one morning due to still being drunk, effectively losing your job. Ethics. Googling it feeling a little silly like maybe you just imagined it, you quickly got results for a type of soulmate bond. Of course you couldn’t help but be endeared by this man who you had never officially met until now but who didn’t know who he was? Everyone knew that you were betrothed to the King of Wakanda, and if they didn’t they soon would. Noticing him stop in the spot where you were supposed to meet you had to rub your eyes to make sure you had actually seen him. Forever he had you by his side, never quite letting you out of his sights. Marvel/Disney. Smiled happily, widely, like Erik was the best thing he’d ever seen. Walking home that night you were approached by a man who held you at knifepoint for your bag. [This one turned out so sweet, I really have been loving writing for T’Challa. Gasping you looked at your wrist and then back at him with a soft smile. “You thought you could infringe upon my relationship with my beloved? They both want to help those who need Wakanda’s resources but their approach is starkly different. Guess who is getting tortured that night, basically electrocuting them from the inside out with a single touch. A little too much daydreaming, so thank you again for that ;3 I hope you like my answers! Pietro began coughing but breathing on his own again as the bullet wounds started to fade away. Erik has dual Vibranium daggers. The complex family ties … One day after your 18th birthday you started hearing music playing, sometimes it was singing other times it was the actual song. Words started to appear, causing you to realize that you had never given them and indication that you even existed.
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