A/N: I DO NOT OWN any of the characters! Sabina doesn't get over things real easily, shown when Jane pushed her of a roof in Rio, but she does process it. Charlie's Angels (2019) Charlie worked for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. She loves leather jackets, bold eyes or lips, and bright colors. She grew up with major abandonment issues that led to a long criminal history of breaking and entering, assault and battery, grand theft auto and identity theft, which got her into New york state prion multiple times and one several occasions even asylums. Love, hate, justice, truth or even betrayal? As the movie begins, Sabina and Jane are card-carrying Angels, and Elena is the reluctant recruit. During missions she often plays the role of decoy or distraction. Blonde Not only Quotes by Dylan, Natalie and Alex, the three angels in the year 2000 version of the movie, but aswell Quotes by Sabina Elena and Jane, who are the angels of Charlie in the 2019 movie. Angels Remembered Occupation One of Charlie's old enemies is Malcolm Case, who trapped and hunted the Angels in order to get back at him. Sabina, Elena, or Jane? Human 28-29 However, they were ambush by an assassin named Hodak as he killed Edgar Bosley but they managed to save Elena. Eyes Why would Bosley want to take Elena to Brok? Sabrina "Bri" Duncan Also, Sabina can be very annoying but her two best friends and everyone else around her still care about her as they would do anything for her. Charlie’s Angels is a Comedy/ Action movie. Kristen explained why it was so important to her. Relatives October 29, 1990 by Max Fuller. Sabena & Elena / Jane & Langston Ship. Relationship Information Demons that Jane is only just beginning to understand. In a word tiger-like. Status To anyone unfamiliar with the 70’s classic, Charlie’s Angels tells the story of three titular ‘Angels’ working for an enigmatic Charlie Townsend & his spy agency, Townsend Agency. The story of the movie revolves around a group of female agents and they named their team Charlie’s Angels, whose task is to expose the international conspiracy to weaponise an energy conservation device as it is a project assigned to them by their mysterious boss. Active As of December 1979, Charlie owned a 100-foot yacht called the Wayward Angel. Relationship Information Sabrina was the leader of the Angels for the first three seasons. The film is in theaters nationwide. Her father is an ex-military man named Col. Blaylock, implying that her maiden name was Sabrina Blaylock; it is implied (by Blaylock in dialog) that her mother is deceased. Place of Birth Community Contributor. Clearly, Sabina is doing that classic Charlie’s Angels thing where an Angel dresses up for the male gaze for Purposes of Her Own, and she will eventually reveal … Jane KanoElena Houghlin unknown childBill Duncan (ex-husband)Col. Blaylock (father) • Kristen Stewart as Sabina Wilson, a wild and rebellious Angel Friends Sabina was born October 29, 1990 on Park Avenue as an heiress. With the case close, Sabina, Jane and Rebekah Bosley invited Elena to become an Angel, which she accepts. Sabrina was one of the founding Angels, alongside Kelly Garrett and Jill Munroe. After meeting up with Rebekah Bosley, Sabina and Jane had Elena help them in the case. A year later, Sabina and Jane were brought together again for another case in Hamburg as a scientist and engineer programer named Elena Houghlin when she wants to expose her superiors for using the Calisto project she help make for evil. First Appearance But when the cutting edge technology falls into the wrong hands, Elena turns to the Townsend Agency for help. Last Appearance The first time we see Kristen Stewart as Sabina Wilson in Charlie’s Angels, she’s wearing a long, perfectly curled blonde wig, a sparkly mini-dress, and sky-high silver stilettos. Affiliation Initially released in 2019 Charlie’s Angels turned out to be a great success. With the world's smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe, there are now teams of Angels guided by multiple Bosleys taking on … Sabina has a tendency to take leather jackets at the Townsend Agency closet and likes to eat food.
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