The tree-like Philodendron can grow up to 3 ft. (1 m) and have a spread of around 6 ft. (2 m) outdoors. Rolled Up Leaves in Summer Could Be a Sign of Dry Soil Much like any other plant, if a rhododendron doesn't get enough water, it will wilt. Ok, I tried doing image searches of heartleaf philodendron and not much came up, except the perfect specimens. Overwatering is the number one killer of houseplants. BUT it can also happen because there is too much water and the roots are drowning (then they tend to rot.) When Chinese money plants are kept in temperatures that are above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s going to be hard for them to survive. Several things cause curling leaves on houseplants, including improper care and insect infestations. This is … This large leaf Philodendron has split leaves with deep lobes. If the leaves turn yellow, you are over watering. Heartleaf philodendron - curled leaves but seems healthy? Curling leaves are often a sign of low humidity--but if you are misting the plant twice a day it's not likely that's the culprit. 5 years ago. jentsu926. My tree philodendron's leaves have been curling up for the past 1-2 months now.? The philo had an issue when I bought it where there were several leaves at the end of a vine that were small, discolored, and deformed. Sucking insects, such as aphids, can distort leaves and cause leaf curling. considering repotting to remedy the issue, thoughts? Yellow leaves on Philodendrons are most commonly due to overwatering. If the leaves turn brown and fall off, the plant is not getting enough water. Here, we're trying to troubleshoot an anomaly on my Philodendron 'Moonlight'; a leaf that is twisted, curled and wrinkled during development.This post focuses particularly on Philodendron and its cultivars (Moonlight, Prince of Orange, Congo Rojo, Pink Princess, etc.) i am wondering if he is just too cold because he is by a window? If the plant stops growing and the leaves start to turn brown or curl under, it is getting too much light. Leaf Curling on Houseplants. Mealybugs also cause yellow or white spots on the foliage and a sticky substance on the plant or nearby furniture. Rhodies have fairly shallow root systems, so they need a regular supply of water. Also called the Winterbourn, the cultivar grows in dense clumps. I have a Philodendron and a Pothos and the new growth on both of them is very small and curling up on the edges. my philodendron silver leaves are curling and i don’t know why. As a tropical indoor … Yellow leaves will normally not turn green again, but if you fix the problem, your plant will resume healthy growth. i recently repotted this guy and he was doing well til then. Other causes include pests, fertilizer issues, underwatering, temperature stress, and excessive light. Curling leaves usually indicate a problem with the roots not getting enough water up to the leaves. but the information present may be relevant to other plants. If leaves are small and far apart, the plant needs a little more light. I have several small ones that I replanted two weeks ago in only a slightly larger pot (maybe an inch or so in width). hello! i also maybe haven’t been as diligent at watering (i was gone a few days for the holidays). The ideal temperature for these plants is between 57 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Too much heat can be very bad for your Chinese money plant and it could even be to blame for your curling leaves. Give it a little more time--as long as there is new growth, it may be just getting rid of old growth now--and recovering. Causes Both mealybugs and excessive light cause houseplant leaves to curl. Aphids are soft bodied insects that are normally found on the undersides of leaves and at the growing tips of the plant. However, curling leaves on a houseplant can indicate a problem that needs extra attention. There are a number of reasons your houseplants may be curling and can include any of the following: Pests. Why Does My Philodendron Have Yellow Leaves? This can happen because there is not enough water. Various pests can cause leaves to curl.
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