M~Y$����bg������mr�-�K.���:�۰����1��u�!�,5�P��V\�K����M7��:bdzО����;�~�Z���KY3Z��D��tƕ���,=�F����x��.��\Hz;������=˾��w�d�i�)��������K�)_���뒗[�0�s���*�b�eg�#.�m�-w���l]���r��R�~�r��U��{s})�kI�_�欈%.k���� �͝g���c\��n0��tXn����R���m����;]���~�r ��ns��4��`:y9oCx��5���q��k?,�'H/�\�F���ʽ��PO���?���. fundamentals in nursing, introduced by Florence Nightingale as being the essence of nursing (Chitty, 1993), some nursing proponents fear that it is no longer a central theme to the nursing profession and has become only second nature to the busy, overworked nurse in a technologically dominated setting. One nursing theorist that I align my beliefs with, Florence Nightingale revolutionized the term health. On her return to England, Nightingale was suffering the effects of both brucellosis and exhaustion. endstream << /D [ 3 0 R /XYZ null 418.08975 null ] This humanistic philosophy is what guided Florence Nightingale to push through the now established philosophy of nursing and care giving which has been eternally symbolized by her, holding a lighted lamp which kindles the hopes of the ill. 13 0 obj << /D [ 3 0 R /XYZ null 715.88977 null ] Author Information . >> >> 30 0 obj �� *�,JL���\��5�z\]��9:" Nightingale's philosophy of health and healing was more similar to the holistic philosophy of homeopathy than to the mechanistic philosophy of allopathy. Nightingale has defined 13 canons of environment and explained each aspect in detail. %Et�! 32 0 obj Florence Nightingale, also known as the “Lady with the Lamp,” revolutionized nursing and patient care in the 1800s. Early care stressors included exposure to the elements and a lack of knowledge as to how to treat serious injuries or diseases. It is still applicable to practice today. 15 0 obj . ^?� �k��7�]�����+���C�{[�2�^�w )X�# ��V�������a�*~�ҵ��Hx�(SD��hy[f y�J�:ȡ�%ȩ:EY���lj�]��A3)���E�p��ՕT���9� <> stream << /D [ 3 0 R /XYZ null 173.18985 null ] endobj Her picture hangs on the wall in many hospitals. >> [Jean Watson] Nursing The Philosophy and Science (BookFi.org)- Theory of Florence Nightingale. !7J���Zdr��(���x�$�0��hhL��qC5P���X!f����8�M�(�fj"�E� �G˂u�G��@��ՖTʑ�i2顑����b�v�e�`*CGK�8V+Bl?bf��eQ�f�G��ޔ�$5v+�n�W 17 0 obj >> Introduction. 28 0 obj 10 0 obj She is recognized as the founder of … She was a beacon of light traveling down hospital hallways as she cared for wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. >> >> Citation: Selanders, L., Crane, P., (January 31, 2012) \"The Voice of Florence Nightingale on Advocacy\" OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol. 8 0 obj It popularized nurse training, which led to the establishment of a new profession for women. Nightingale’s Modern Nursing Theory also impacted nursing education. << /D [ 3 0 R /XYZ null 418.08975 null ] �XH�nQXh�"E��ծ endobj endobj It is a theoretical and reflective study, conducted in November and December 2012, whose analysis of the Environmentalist Theory proposed by Florence Nightingale was based on Johnson and Webber's model 8.. << /D [ 3 0 R /XYZ null 148.48987 null ] �.T���U�yf��.�m�?p�. 1898. endobj << /Type /Page /Parent 1 0 R /LastModified (D:20110324130454+00'00') /Resources 2 0 R /MediaBox [0.00 0.00 595.28 841.89] /CropBox [0.00 0.00 595.28 841.89] /BleedBox [0.00 0.00 595.28 841.89] /TrimBox [0.00 0.00 595.28 841.89] /ArtBox [0.00 0.00 595.28 841.89] /Contents 9 0 R /Rotate 0 /Group << /Type /Group /S /Transparency /CS /DeviceRGB >> /PZ 1 >> <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>/Shading<>/XObject<>>> Why, then, did Nightingale align organized nursing with allopathic medicine? https://nursology.net/nurse-theorists-and-their-work/theory-of-integral-nursing The Nightingale legend nevertheless had an educational impact. Notes on Nursing by Florence Nightingale Notes on Nursing by Florence Nightingale Produced by Carol David and PG Distributed Proofreaders NOTES ON NURSING: WHAT IT IS, AND WHAT IT IS NOT. endobj Florence was widely read and widely travelled. PREFACE. 26 0 obj She dedicated much of her life to reform the British military healthcare system. https://nursing-theory.org/nursing-theorists/Florence-Nightingale.php endobj >> i�gM�������w��\���乆����w���5o�Z��g�$ϥ������׸���Ѕ�nC'��A5S�㽺"�%�-M�6���H��X�Z ��{�߸�ҝS�ҚE���hZM��:��w�i��M��C�3g��)N������gm�ُja�~#���In��=.qwdnW��� x��YMS�0��W챝 ��p=2C;������pP���"KA�I��R��@�@h���Vbc=�}�V�QrK�Ⴞ~��5��Gq����-䝳)�A�a�����:����Y29PbJhB���O}d؏�>�$It:�)���,������A4�;4����0�\��5L/�g\v�=�SG�? << /D [ 3 0 R /XYZ null 121.08987 null ] Her theory of nursing focused on the environment and she gave a detailed portrayal of each feature of environment in her theory. stream x��X]o�6}���o[E�?��O��*���^cmEQ#Q�tE*���w��L�Mҥ���I]��sxl���`���_��~�๞��y�8��|�2���C� ����{t����c��c���jaL#��������Sx����(9�XY)��׼^�JUL: $�2/�L�`ڡ�Jr0��@�Je In 1860, Florence Nightingale defined nursing in her “Environmental Theory” as “the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery.” In the 1950s, there is a consensus among nursing scholars that nursing needed to validate itself through the production of its own scientifically tested body of knowledge.
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